Does your website drive you crazy?

Is your website old, slow, ugly or ignored? We’ll fix that!

SiteBagel helps businesses with cranky old websites upgrade to a modern, quick and beautiful site, to help showcase and promote your business.

Impress your visitors

You help us understand your audience and we’ll create a stunning website to draw them in and better understand your business. If you’re not impressing your visitors, there is someone out there who will. You could be losing sales from a boring website. Sitebagel would love to help you make sure you are impressing the customer. 

What we deliver...

Grow your business

Your new quick and optimized site needs visitors. We’ll build a strategy with you to ensure you reach not just more visitors…but the right visitors. Whether your sales are actively lagging or just okay, if your business is like most, you want to grow. Good design is one of the building blocks to creating a following and trust with your visitors.

How we help your business grow...

Stay in control

We always leave our clients with a clear understanding of how to access and update their website. You will never be left confused. It’s your business and you deserve to have control. We give you a site that matches your tech skills and will be something you feel confident managing. 

Stay in control by...

SiteBagel Blog

Our blog helps you drive your online presence

You want the best….what?

“Best car?” It’s a simple question, right? The chances are that something crossed your mind. If you are into fast cars you perhaps considered some super expensive sports cars. Maybe you like a

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Google Analytics

A Small Business Introduction to Paid vs. Organic Traffic

We all want folks to visit our website! Without “traffic”, our sites lead a lonely life, undiscovered and not helping your small business attract business. You can spend all the time in the world creating the most beautiful website, but if no-one knows about it…well, your efforts have been wasted!

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Your website includes...


Your first year of hosting is on us! Sign up for more than a year and save even more!

Reponsive design

Your new site will work on all major devices and all main browsers. This way everyone can see your site.

Clear, direct customer focus

We love what we do. We want your site to succeed as much as you do. You can always count on SiteBagel.


We don't leave you hanging. Establish your site with SiteBagel and we'll explain it all before launch.


All sites come with basic analytic tracking so you can understand your customers - deeply!

Always in control

You maintain control every step of the way, because we're there for you - but you keep the keys!

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